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Yae Self Introduction
~~ Songs that can be heard transcending everything... ~~
The thing that people of any time have sought after, that is music.

In the period of four years since I started singing I have met with a lot of truly great music. I became interested in being a sender of such music myself and so I started to create songs.

I want to sing about what very naturally exist in our daily lives and in creative worlds. In my musical activities, I hope that such natural feelings are expressed frankly.

I love the songs that can be heard by any kind of people, without any boundaries of nationalities or genres. Perhaps it is like the calmness and the warmness that you feel when you just happen to look up the sky.

I believe that the songs I sing, each of them, will resound in your heart honestly.

Yae Profile

Born in Tokyo on December 14th, 1975
Hobby: Going out to see nature. Watching movies.
Skills: Physical expression (modern dance, etc.)
Favorite Music: World Music, Female Vocal Music

Yae Biography

During high school, Yae became interested in physical expression and started studying modern dance. In 1995, she was picked out to play the singer’s part in a rendition of the musical “Dr. Korczak,” portraying the holocaust in Poland, in which she made her first appearance on the stage as an actress, in her life.

Her dignified acting was uncharacteristic of a new face that she was, the richness of her expressive power, and her unconstrained and high clear voice won the highest praise and her achievement was highly reputed. With this as a start, she had set out to become a “singer” seriously in 1999.

After realizing how wonderful it is to express herself on stage, Yae felt the desire to sing in front of people whenever possible, and she started to sing at all sorts of places such as restaurants and small bars in Sinjyuku Kabukicho. In the start of her musical activities, she was alone and had no contact with other musicians. However, as time passed, she formed a band and her musical style expanded to include genres such as world music and pop music.
Around this time, she started working on songwriting and composing (such as “I feel,” “Hana yo kaze yo (Flower and Wind),” etc…)

In June 2000, she debuted with an album “new Aeon,” which was released from the music label for the organic new age from Pony Canyon called “Leafage.”

In November of the same year, she released the first maxi single, “Kaze no michi (The Way of Wind).” It is selected for TV program of the ending theme song of "Suteki na Uchusen Chikyugo (Wonderful Spaceship Earth)" of the related TV Asahi.

In 2002, she wrote the lyrics for one of the piano sonatas by Chopin, for the TV commercial on Pioneer, and the song caused a sort of a sensation.
She sings the ending theme song of the movie "13 kaidan(13 stairs)" opened to the public on new spring in 2003 and the theme song of the animation movie "NITABO" Tsugaru samisen founder's telling and takes an active part as a radio actress.

She released her second album “Blue Line” on January 2003. Moreover, the live of the albums sale commemoration has done in the Daikanyama Hill site plaza hall in February of the same year, and it concluded quite successfully.

On August 2003, her song was chosen to be theme song for “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles,” a game released from Nintendou Game Cube that summer, and it became a big topic of conversation. And also, she single released new song "Na mo naki kimi e (To you without a name)" among which broadcasting was popular with NHK"Minna no uta (everybody's songs)" in October, 2003.

Moreover, she participates in companion's musician's album as a voice. she participates in the first "Rabbit in the moon (tsuki no usagi)" of album "Rabbit in the moon (tsuki no usagi)" (Colombian music entertainment Ltd.) of Hanawa chie put on the market on January 24 as a voice. She participates in the tenth "JAZZTRONIC‾Vocalise‾" of the sale in 2004 compilation album "F.E.E.L.3" of Flower records as a voice.

And, the concept album "Yae - flowing to the sky-" produced with Old telling and folksong as the theme was released in February, 2004.

Afterwards, album "alha nui" produced by the Teresa Bright recorded in Hawaii was released on July 14, 2004 and It was entered in famous worldwide Hawaii Music Awards held every year.

She is enthusiastic also about the activity in foreign countries. She participates in the music festival in Cuba and the world peaceful music prize in San Francisco, etc. in 2004. She started to support to charity activities through musical activity regardless of the inside and outside the country such as the promotion event of the circulation type society in six large cities in California state with Jackson Brown and the child education fund charity event in Hawaii in 2005.

She is a DJ of several radio programs (at FM kyoto and FM fukuoka) and sings the new CM song of Asahikasei and the theme song of NHK BS-hi "Utsukushiki nihon, hyaku no hukei (beautiful Japan, a hundred of Scenery)". And also she sings by a cappella a song written and composed by herself in the first CM of Nexyz on TV, radio and Internet. Also Others CM song which Yae sings are for Best Amenity company and Nishinippon Bank. She is enthusiastically acting.

Moreover, she plans going of a free performance etc. of the support event for the activity of philanthropy and that doing the performance activity of a collaboration with various arts (such as dance, play, art, and space design, etc.) and overseas musicians with making the best use of her experience.

● Image of Yae's Song

♪ Sound with which two or more historical characters without being slave of fashion.
♪ Space in which words and voice are united, sounds and become spirit which is present in words.
♪ The melody on which expression slowly changes and flows inside of color.
♪ The beat of the soul which you felt in the deep of the body.
♪ Nostalgia is newness.
♪ Voice and sounds which can be heard exceeding all.

● Discography

Date of Release, Number of merchandise
01/11/21 CD: PCCA.01602  Kaze no Michi
03/ 7/30 CD: PCCA.01915  Kazenone
03/10/16 CD: PCCA.70052  Na mo naki Kimi he
05/ 6/21 CD: UENJ.0001  Koi no Sanbu saku
10/ 4/21 CD: ENRE.001  Ai wo yoru Omoi wo tsumugu
01/ 6/20 CD: PCCA.01538  new Aeon
03/ 1/16 CD: PCCA.01840  Blue Line
04/ 2/18 CD: PCCA01976  Yae -flowing to the sky-
04/ 7/14 CD: PCCA.02063  aloha nui
04/ 7/14 CD: UENJ.002  Yae Live




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